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                                                                                                                           (see below at-a-glance pdf for all details on each program, also available in programs tab)

                                                                                                             SUMMER SESSIONS (July-August) COMING SOON!

Huntington Hills Skating Club Waiver



By my participating in this activity, I consent to the known and foreseeable physical risks inherent in the sport of figure skating and ice skating.  These risks include but are not limited to:  travel to and from the arena, dryland training sessions, virtual training sessions, ice conditions, equipment failure, falls, collisions with other participants and/or instructors, and facility conditions.  In assuming these risks, I, the undersigned, forever release myself, my heirs, and any persons acting on my behalf, the Huntington Hills Skating Club, and/or Huntington Hills Community Association, and/or Vivo, and/or Skate Canada-Alberta/NWT-Nunavut Section, and its directors, employees, volunteers, coaches, officials, instructors, independent contractors, agents and sponsors, from any claim arising from any illness or injury to my person as a result of my participation in this activity.


As a participant in this activity, and/or a parent/guardian of said participant, I agree to behave in a manner that demonstrates good sportsmanship, showing respect for all participants, instructors and those affiliated with the Skating Club.


Personal information provided on registration form is protected under the authority of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act.  It will be used to facilitate your enrolment, administer our skating programs, and provide contact information that will be used to notify you of other skating programs and events.  This membership information will be shared with Skate Canada for registration, statistical, and program development purposes.